What is a Tiny Book Club?

A tiny book club is just like a normal book club, except our shared reading is shorter. Every month I’ll pick (with your help) an essay for discussion. Ideally something you can read in one sitting, but that stays on your mind after the initial read.

How does this work?

At the beginning of the month, I’ll announce our new reading and the guest who will be a featured part of our discussion. You can send in proposed questions for our guest, and during the third week of the month, I’ll send out the dialogue I’ve had with that month’s guest about our chosen reading.

All you readers can jump into the conversation in the comment threads for the post. And I may highlight some of your comments in a wrap up email.

Join the Tiny Book Club

Think of this as a salon, where everyone shows up to have a thoughtful conversation. I’ll try to do a good job of pairing guest and essay, so you get a new perspective (in addition to mine) every month. And I’m looking forward to getting to know you.